A New Path for Reorganizing Higher Education

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to New Mexico College Competition!

Our project is designed to suggest a path for reform for NM state-funded universities and community colleges. We have come up with a challenging proposal to unleash available resources and re-combine in them new, more productive, and (probably) unexpected ways. Read it here.

But, we don’t think we can implement our proposal without better understanding the current landscape — both institutionally and intellectually. What people think about how policies and programs work is just as important as how they actually do. ¬†Further, the truth of how policies and programs work is usually very complex and not known by one person or a few people.

We want to draw out knowledge from the citizens of New Mexico about how we might implement reform in a productive, cost-effective way. We want to hear from participants in NM higher education as well as prospective students, parents, business owners and managers, and taxpayers about their perceptions of how the system is currently functioning, what it ought to be doing, and whether our proposal sounds reasonable (and why or why not).

For this phase of the project we are shooting 100 interviews in New Mexico to gather thoughts and reactions. These interviews will be uploaded in their entirety to the Internet.

Later we will produce a documentary with clips of these interviews and commentary from our project team and other think tank scholars.

What you will find on this site:

  • Our 4-point proposal that lays out the broad reforms we will make
  • A guide to how and why we are organizing this project
  • Updates on the project including detailed explanations of the proposal and answers to your questions
  • Links to the individual video interviews
  • A form for submitting your own videos on the subject
  • A form for submitting your own testimony or questions

We look forward to talking with you.


Kevin D. Rollins, Project Director